General Information

I am the editor a series of books on airline and aviation economics titled Advances in Airline Economics published by Elsevier. The series covers virtually all areas of airline and aviation economics and consists of both original, unpublished research as well as a number of high quality review articles by a panel of international authorities on airline economics. A select number of reprints of important, previously published articles from pre-eminent scholars in the field are also included. All contributions have been peer-reviewed.

Volume 1 is entitled "Competition Policy and Antitrust" covering topics as alliances, mergers, predation, interaction between low cost carriers and legacy carriers, etc. Volume 2 is entitled "The Economics of Airline Institutions, Operations and Marketing" and covers issues such as congestion and delays, economics of airports, labor issues, regional jets, marketing and frequent flyer programs.

Titles and Contributors

Volume 1: Competition Policy and Antitrust (Purchase From

  • Steve Berry (Yale University), Michael Carnall (LECG Corp.) and Pablo Spiller (University of California Berkeley). Airline Hubs: Costs, Markups and the Implications of Customer Heterogeneity.

  • Volodymyr Bilotkach (EERC-Kiev, Ukraine and University of California, Irvine). Understanding Price Dispersion in the Airline Industry: Capacity Constraints and Consumer Heterogeneity.

  • Gustavo Bamberger (Lexecon) and Dennis Carlton (University of Chicago). Predation and the Entry and Exit of Low-Fare Carriers

  • Jan Brueckner (University of California, Irvine) and Tom Whalen (U.S. Department of Justice). The Price Effects of International Airline Alliances, originally published in Journal of Law and Economics, Volume 43, 2000.

  • Andrew Eckert (University of Alberta) and Douglas West (University of Alberta). Predation in the Airline Industry: A Review of Recent Cases

  • Peter Forsyth (Monash University). Airport Competition: Regulatory Issues and Policy Implications.

  • Stephanie Giaume (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - CNRS and University of Montréal- CRT) and Sarah Guillou (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - CNRS). Concentration, Market Share Inequality and Prices: An examination of European Airline Markets.

  • Stuart D. Gurrea (Economists Inc.). International Airline Code Sharing and Entry Deterrence.

  • Monica Hartmann (University of St. Thomas). Access to Airport Facilities: Its Impact on Market Competition.

  • Orit Heimer (ZIM Israel Navigation) and Oz Shy (University of Haifa and WZ-Berlin). Code-Sharing Agreements, Frequency of Flights, and Profits Under Parallel Operation.

  • Harumi Ito (NBER) and Darin Lee (LECG, LLC). The Impact of Domestic Codesharing on Market Airfares:  Evidence from the U.S.

  • Mark Lijesen (Netherlands Bureau for Public Policy Analysis), Peter Nijkamp (Free University of Amsterdam), Eric Pels (Free University of Amsterdam) and Piet Rietveld. The Home Carrier Advantage in Civil Aviation.

  • Steven A. Morrison (Northeastern University). Actual, Adjacent, and Potential Competition: Estimating the Full Effect of Southwest Airlines, originally published in Journal of Transport Economics and Policy , Volume 35, Part 2, May 2001, pp. 239-256.

  • Alessandro Oliveira (Center for Studies of Airline Regulation and Competition, Brazil). Estimation of a Model of Low Cost Carrier Entry: Evidence from Brazil.

  • Oliver Richard (U.S. Department of Justice) and Olivier Armantier (University of Montreal). Evidence on Pricing From the Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines Codeshare Agreement.

  • Nicholas Rupp (East Carolina University), Douglas Owens (Welch Consulting) and L. Wayne Plumly (Valdosta State University). Does Competition Influence Airline On-Time Performance?


Volume 2: The Economics of Airline Institutions, Operations and Marketing (Purchase from

  • Leonardo J. Basso (University of British Columbia) and Anming Zhang (University of British Columbia). A Survey of Analytical Models of Airport Pricing.

  • Jan K. Brueckner (University of California, Irvine) and Eric Pels (Free University of Amsterdam). Institutions, Regulation, and the Evolution of European Air Transport.

  • Kenneth J. Button (George Mason School of Public Policy). The Implications of the Commercialization of Air Transportation Infrastructure.

  • Purvez Captain (Ernst & Young, LLP), David Good (Indiana University), Robin Sickles (Rice University) and Ashok Ayyar (Rice University. On the Dynamics of Competition And Efficiency in the European Airline Industry.

  • Pietro Crocioni (Case Associates and Ofcom) and Chris Newton (Frontier Economics). European Airlines: Competition Law and Subsidies.

  • Gary M. Fournier (Florida State University), Monica Hartmann (University of St. Thomas) and Tom Zuehlke (Florida State University). New Carrier Entry and Airport Substitution by Travelers: Why do we have to drive to fly?

  • Célia Geslin (MIT), Joakim Karlsson (Daniel Webster College), Amedeo Odoni (MIT) and Shiro Yamanaka (MIT). Infrastructure-related ticket taxes and fees in the United States and the European Union.

  • David Gillen (University of British Columbia) and Natthida Taweelertkunthon (Sauder School of Business, and Centre for Transportation Studies, UBC). Exploring Substitution among LCCs and Legacy Carriers: Evidence from South-East Asia.

  • Barry Hirsch (Trinity University). Wage Determination in the U.S. Airline Industry: The Role of Unions and Product Market Competition.

  • Jun Ishii (University of California-Irvine), Sunyoung Jun (UC-Irvine) and Kurt Van Dender (UC-Irvine). The Market for Air Passenger Travel Between Metropolitan Areas Served by Substitutable Airports: Theory and an Application to California.

  • Silke I. Januszewski (University of California at San Diego) and Mara Lederman (University of Toronto). The Role of Regional Airlines in the U.S. Airline Industry.

  • Dan Kaplan (LECG). Toward Rational Pricing of the Airport and Airway System.

  • Darin Lee (LECG) and Maria Jose Luengo-Prado (Northeastern University). Are Passengers Willing to Pay For Additional Legroom? originally published in Journal of Air Transport Management, Volume 10, No. 6, pp. 377-383, 2004.

  • Claudio Piga (Nottingham University) and Enrico Bachis (Nottingham University), “"Pricing strategies by European traditional and low cost airlines: or, when is it the best time to book on line?".

  • Aisling J Reynolds-Feighan (University College Dublin). The Long Run Distributional Effects of Industry and Carrier Changes in the US Air Transport Market